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Le Bonheur de Montapas

Spend the night in an atmospherically furnished guest room and enjoy a delicious breakfast in the house or out in the garden. You can go out on walks, mountain biking, hiking, cycling and more, or stay at the guest house and enjoy the cozy guest room and scenery. That is what defines a stay at Chambre d'hôtes Le Bonheur de Montapas.

Spend the night in an atmospherically furnished guest room and enjoy a delicious breakfast in the house or out in the garden. That is what defines a stay at Chambre d'hôtes Le Bonheur de Montapas.

More information

A delightful Bed & Breakfast

We give our best efforts to make our Bed & Breakfast as comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy the tranquility.

Chambres d'hôtes Le Bonheur de Montapas has a comfortable guest room, which is completely furnished to our personal style. The guest room has a double bed, and is suitable for an optional children’s bed. The guest room has a table and two chairs and is accommodated with a shower, bathroom and sink.


A fine day in Burgundy naturally starts with a delicious breakfast that you can have at your own leisure.

The breakfast of the Chambre d’hôtes is served in our cozy kitchen or, with fine weather, outside on the terrace with a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Starting at € 5,- pp.
Picnic basket

If you are going out during the day, you may choose to have a picnic at any number of vistas you might find. We offer a picnic basket for you to order. We will make sure you are supplied with delicious bread, juice, toppings, fruits, snacks or a salad, and a plaid to sit on. It will all be taken care of for you. We would like to know a day ahead if you wish to bring a basket.


The table d’hôtes will be served in our dining room or, again with fine weather, outside on the terrace.

There are also several restaurants in the vicinity of the Bed and Breakfast to choose from. We are happy to refer you to the nicest restaurants in the area.

General information



Located 5 kilometers away from Saint-Saulge, you can find a gorgeous pond with two hectares of natural habitat. There is also a small beach where there are several possibilities for recreation, among which include swimming, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. A moment of relaxation and away from noise.

In the village of Montapas is a charming little church.

Montapas has almost 300 residents.

St. Saulge

You can go on beautiful walks here, for which we will be happy to provide maps.

Tamnay-en-Bazois (Distance 13.2 km. – 13 min.)

Is known for its pottery, the clay in the surrounding ground is of such good quality that it is gathered and immediately used to make products with. An example for the quality of the clay we can provide: when something outside burns, the ground is literally baked and there will be pieces of baked clay around.

Château Chinon (Distance 32.1 km. - 29 min.)

In the Musée du Septennat, which is located in the former monastery, there are many gifts of all kinds received by former-mayor François Mitterrand during his presidency; Mitterrand expressed his gratitude towards Château-Chinon by gifting the gifts to the village. The collection contains rugs, furniture, vases, and objects of gold and diamonds. Multiple rooms are dedicated to African gifts. There are also decorations, medals and keys of important cities to admire. The name of the museum Septennat stands for the 7-year term of the French presidency.

The Musée du Costume et des Arts et Traditions populaires du Morvan harbors costumes from the 18th century and part of the collection of Jules Dardy.

Chateau Chinon
Étangs de Vaux et de Baye
Étangs de Vaux et de Baye (Distance 14 km. – 17 min.)

The Canal du Nivernais connects the Loire basin with the Yonne in the Seine basin. It spans 180 km in length, from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes in the south of the department Nièvre to Auxerre in the heart of the department Yonne. Both departments belong to the Burgundy region. The canal contains 110 locks. 32 on the Loire side and 78 on the Seine-side.

Originally constructed to quickly transport firewood to the Parisian region, it rapidly became an economic motor for the area and a transport mode for, among other things, wine, grains, coal and limestone. Nowadays the canal may only be used for recreational boat faring. It belongs to the most beautiful canals of Europe.

The construction started in 1784 with digging the 758-meter-long tunnel of La Collancelle. On one side the ponds of Vaux and Baye as water sources and on the other side a flight of 16 locks. The canal was completed in 1843.

Hospices Civils de Beaune (Distance 143 km. – 1h56 min.)

The Hospices Civils de Beaune a.k.a. Hospice de Beaune was a charity established in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin as a hospital for the poor in Beaune (Burgundy). The original hospital the “Hôtel-Dieu” is considered to be one of the showpieces of the Flemish-Burgundian architecture. In present times it serves as a museum. The organization is also known for its annual auction of wine selling for the charity, which has co-financed the buildings of the organization for years.

Clamecy (Distance 52.6 km – 45 min.)

The collegiate Sint-Martinus of Clamecy from the 12th to 16th century has a facade which is decorated in flamboyant gothic style with a large tympanum. The interior contains a chancel screen, which was designed in the 19th century by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc to prevent the prolapsing of two columns.

The Égllise Notre-Dame-de-Bethléem recalls the time of bishops. The church designed by architect Georges-Théodore Renaud dates from 1927 and is built from concrete in oriental style. In the center of Clamecy there are several old residencies dated from the 15th to 18th century. Musée d’Art et d’History Romain Rolland is based in the birth house of Romain Rolland, who is a Nobel Prize winner in literature.

Apremont- sur- Allier (Distance 53,7 km. – 45 min.)

The medieval village Apremont-sur-Allier at the shores of the Allier is one of the most stunning villages of France.

At its feet lays a medieval village with picturesque houses and flowers. The whole village is historic and is favored to stay the way it currently is.

In 1976 a floral park opened to the public. This garden, the “Thousand-and-one-night,” houses some of the rarest kinds of flowers, plants and trees. It is also home to the bridge pagoda with a view on the Belvedere, the river and the roofs of the village.

Nevers (Distance 39 km. – 39 min.)

Nevers has a cathedral called the Cathédrale de Saint-Cyr et Sainte-Julitte. Its construction lasted from the 11th to the 16th century. The most notable feature of this building is that there are two choirs. The East choir is gothic, the west is roman.

The ducal palace (Palais Ducal) is a building from the early Renaissance. The building is decorated with modern reliefs and it has windows with caryatids and atlantes. The Chapelle Sainte-Marie, formerly part of a monastery, has a monumental facade in Italian baroque style. An archeological museum is established in the Porte du Croux, a remnant of the fortifications.

Autun (Distance 68.2 km. / 1h02 min.)

Autun was named after the Roman princeps Augustus who, around the start of the common era, founded the city of Augustodunum at the location of the current city of Autun. He wished to establish a city in Gaul that would express the power of Rome. Hence Autun had received some impressive constructions; some of which the remnants are still there on show. Autun was founded on the road between Marseille and the Channel coast, or between Lyon and Boulogne, which was important for both trade and military strategy.

In the middle ages the city of Autun knew a Golden Age once again. It became a religious center and a cathedral was built.

The most notable building is the cathedral Saint-Lazare of which the construction started in the 12th century. The tympanum of the main portal depicts the Last Judgement and is considered to be one of the masterpieces of roman sculpturing. The sculptor Gislebertus fixed his name under the feet of Christ.



Price rates

Starting at € 65,- per night
Chambre d’Hôtes

During school holidays the price rates for peak season apply.

Peak season June up to September € 65,- per night

For a reservation for multiple nights we ask a deposit of 50%. It’s possible to cancel the reservation free of charge at least 2 full days ahead of arrival (i.e. if the arrival would have been Thursday, the cancellation is required before Monday midnight). In that case your deposit will be returned to you. With a cancellation within this period of time there will be no refund.

Table d’hôtes

You should let us know ahead of time if you would like to dine with us the night of your stay. During your stay you should let us know before 12.00 pm if you would like to dine at Le Bonheur de Montapas. If you have any special requests (e.g. diet, allergies) that is not a problem. Please let us know ahead of time. ( 3 courses) from €17,50 including 1 drink per person (does not apply to liquor).

Good to know

  • Tourist tax € 0,68 per person per night.
  • Beds are made at your arrival.
  • It’s possible to rent a children’s bed for € 25 euro per day.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • Small dogs are welcome.
  • If you make a reservation for 5 nights you will get the 6th night free of charge.
  • If you would like to use the washing machine during your stay in the Bed & Breakfast, we ask a fee of € 3.75 per use.

Making a reservation at the Bed & Breakfast (minimum 2 nights)

We wish to give you a warm welcome at our beautiful Chambre d’hôtes Le Bonheur de Montapas. To make a reservation for our Bed & Breakfast you can contact us by e-mail or phone (also Whatsapp). We always reply within 24 hours to your request per e-mail. If you did not receive a reply within that time, it’s possible we did not receive your request. In that case please contact us again

You can make a reservation for a minimum of 2 nights.

French phone number: +33 (0)6 49375187 (also available via Whatsapp.)
Dutch phone number: +31 (0)6 86665572

Email-address: info@lebonheurdemontapas.com

Make a reservation

Reservation form

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